Rick Mumford

Rick Mumford
Youth Ministry Communicator


What I do

Over the last three decades, I have become more and more passionate about both sharing the Gospel with kids and training youthworkers to make an eternal impact. I believe every person deserves the right to respond to the Good News of God's love and I want to leverage my speaking gifts, training and experience to help fulfill the Great Commission.

As an experienced speaker, my goal is to provide excellence for your next event:

Excellence on stage —I am committed to providing engaging content through stories and humor to provide a clear, powerful message that keeps your audience engaged. My heart is to serve your audience by making an eternal impact, not just put on a show.

Excellence off stage —I know you have plenty of details to deal with in pulling off your event! I want to be an enjoyable and trustworthy asset to your planning, assuring a quality experience before, during, and after your event.


It’s been accurately said ‘a man with an opinion is always at the mercy of a man with an experience.’ Rick Mumford is a seasoned, gifted and articulate communicator who speaks not from opinion but experience. Rick speaks with insight and authority because, in addition to being a continuous and humble learner, Rick has extensive experience in relationships through working with adults and youth for decades. Rick communicates skillfully and confidently because, frankly, he has done it a bunch and is in regular demand, equally effective regardless the size of the group. I’ve personally watched Rick communicate compellingly to a room full of business men and women as well as grab and hold the attention of 300 middle school kids, both with equal effectiveness through his flexible, humorous and accessible style of speaking.