How's That $7,000 Machine?

2014-04-15 14.11.06.jpg

Many people have been asking, “How is Amy? How’s that fancy, new $7,000 machine? Thanks for asking.

I’ve known that I’ve needed to update this blog for weeks now, but I don’t have any amazing stories to tell. I still don’t have an amazing story to tell.

Here’s the thing about chronic illnesses. They’re … um … daily. Some days are better than others. A lot of days are pretty average. But I do have good news:

Your prayers, along with this new leg pump machine, Amy’s diet, compression garments, anti-inflammatory shakes and exercise are helping Amy to feel steadily better and better. She even closed her store so she could dedicate more time and energy to fighting the disease. And the donations we received helped us pay off the debt we had incurred trying to fight the disease, as well as pay for the new medical equipment. So overall, life is much better.

Flare-ups and pain still happen, but it is nowhere near as severe as it was last October when I started this blog. Overall, there’s no comparison. Bottom line, Amy is doing much better. Thank you for your support, encouragement, prayers, and love.

Rick Mumford