Day-by-Day, Play-by-Play

September 23, 2015:

Amy and I are making final preparations to fly to Atlanta tomorrow. My Mom is flying in from Orlando this evening. She will be staying with the boys during our trip to Atlanta. My Dad will be joining Mom and the boys later.

All of Spencer’s lymph nodes are swollen, so Amy took him to the doctor yesterday and they are drawing his blood this afternoon. The results, which should be ready tomorrow, will help us know what is going on with him. The worst-case scenario, of course, is cancer. I’d like to say I didn’t wake up at 5:30 this morning thinking about this.

September 24:

Before we left for the airport this morning we were delighted to receive a phone call from the lab: Spencer’s results came back negative. Which means he’s notsick (so doesn’t that really mean the results really came back positive?) Either way, great news. #blessed

Our flight to Atlanta was uneventful. Amy had peanuts, I had a cookie. We were able to time our drive through downtown Atlanta to coincide with rush hour. For the love, these Georgians need to spread out! Way too many people in one city!

Once in Roswell, we celebrated Amy’s 45th birthday (which is today!) by splitting a scrumptious order of shrimp and grits. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it). 

Then we were off to Trader Joe’s to stock up on supplies for the week. Our hotel room has a kitchenette, so we can  eat in our room, which is great when you look and feel like you just got hit by a train. We’re hoping to finish preparations soon and get a good night sleep. Tomorrow is a big day.

September 25:

This morning Amy woke up calm, relaxed, brave and resolute. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and drove to the surgery center. Amy’s surgery lasted from 8:30 till 1:00, and we are back at the hotel by 2:00.

The surgery for Lipedema is broken up into separate phases because of the toxicity of the numbing agents used during the procedure. The first phase was 11 weeks ago, today was the second phase, and the third and final phase will be next Wednesday (9/30). The number of phases needed to complete the surgeries is based on the patient’s body weight.

So compared with the first phase in July, today was a little better. We’ve been able to keep Amy’s nausea a little more under control this time, which has allowed us to stay on top of the pain meds more effectively. She is still in a great deal of pain (she said it was a ‘10′ on the pain scale when she got up a few minutes ago) but we are encouraged by the hope that today is the most difficult day.

All in all, we are hopeful that the worst of Round Two is over. Thank you for your prayers and tremendous support.

September 26:

We had a rough night. Amy was awake all night long and finally fell asleep at about 8:30am. We believe it has something to do with the chemicals still in her system from the surgery. The other challenge is her nausea, which makes her physically sick when she gets out of bed to use the restroom.

On the bright side, the pain has lessened considerably. We’re considering switching to Tylenol today. Amy says that it’s not much worse than the pain in her legs she has experienced every day for the last few years (from the Lipedema).

But today was still difficult. Close your eyes and and imagine the stomach flu with a side of insomnia while trying to heal from surgery and that would pretty much summarize today’s events.

September 27:

Today had its ups and downs. The hardest part was when Amy had the worst pain she’s ever had in her life when water came into contact with some exposed nerves in a very sensitive area. It was truly awful. 

But on the bright side, Amy slept last night and her stomach is finally better, which means she was able to eat. This gave her the energy to leave our hotel room and go for a walk at a nearby park, which was awesome.

September 28:

Today was a good day. Amy continues to make progress. The big news, though, is that we learned today that our health insurance is going to cover all three phases of Amy’s Lipedema treatment (including her first treatment in July). This means that we will be reimbursed for about $21,000 of the $24,000 surgeon’s fees! It’s been a long crazy road, so just to type those words right now is just surreal. We have also received random checks in the mail from friends who have made up the difference, so in one way or another, the Lord has provided for 100% of the cost of these procedures. We are so grateful to God, and for your prayers on our behalf. 

Today’s prayer request: Amy’s left foot has been numb since the surgery. Please pray that this is only a temporary problem and that there was not any permanent damage to her nervous system during the surgery.

September 29:

Prayer requests: continue to pray for Amy’s numb foot–no change from yesterday. 

Also Amy had a angiodema reaction (swollen throat and tongue) this evening from a blood-thinner injection. We are concerned about the possibility that her tongue might block her airway tonight while she sleeps or tomorrow while she lies unconscious on her back for four hours. We need wisdom in knowing how to proceed. Thank you for your prayers!

September 30:

Amy’s angiodema reaction to the medication hasn’t disappeared completely–but after we prayed with friends on the phone last night the swelling of her tongue went down enough that she could get a good night’s sleep and proceed with the surgery this morning.

Amy was in surgery from 8:30 until 12:30, and then she came back to our hotel room for a drug-induced nap. Now (4pm) she is awake and sitting up. Neither the pain nor the nausea has kicked in. We are grateful to have the last procedure in the rear view mirror. Now all she has to do is recover!

10:00pm update: Amy is doing GREAT! Apparently the doctor changed the pain meds used during surgery, thus Amy has not been sick to her stomach at all. This has been huge! The other meds have kept her pain under control, and she has been able to be up and around already tonight. We are absolutely amazed at how easy today has been, compared to the two previous surgeries. It’s unreal! Thank you for your prayers.

October 1:

Amy didn’t really sleep at all last night. Well, it was like her body was mostly asleep, but her mind was awake. But she wasn’t in her right mind. Well, here’s the thing, the drugs they use during surgery make her pretty crazy and keep her from sleeping.

So she was tired today (and went to bed at 7:30pm tonight). But she did not have a lot of pain and her stomach was fine so all in all today was awesome. We mostly stayed in the hotel room because (gross alert!) her many incision points are intentionally left open so that the fluid they use during surgery will drain–and it’s best not to do that in public, if you know what I mean. A couple more days of draining and we’ll be ready to hop a plane headed back to Kansas City!

October 2:

Today has been a day a lot like you’d expect from someone who just had two surgeries within a week:  a lot of sleep, pain, meds, and gratitude that the worst is behind us.  

Rick Mumford