Storybook Ending

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I realize I haven’t posted on my blog since we got back from Atlanta six weeks ago. I’m sorry. I seem to have run into quite the conundrum.

You see, I have had this blog post written in my head for months. I had envisioned the way Amy’s story was supposed to have played out:  Phase one, Amy gets Lipedema; phase two, God provides for surgery and she is healed; and then in phase three we live happily ever after.

So this post was to be my first post in the happily-ever-after phase of our lives and the last one of my blog. This would be the post I would tell you about her complete healing, 100% restoration, and everyone who read this post would praise God because Amy had no more symptoms or pain. And then we close the book, smiling.

As it played out in my head, it was going to be a great blog that most likely would have landed me a book deal that would have likely been turned into a Lifetime television miniseries. So I’ve been waiting for the post I had written in my head to become reality. But it hasn’t totally worked out that way.

I don’t want to sound overly dramatic. Everything is absolutely fine. It’s just that, well, Amy still has pain.

She’s recovered from the surgery. There were no complications, the numbness in her foot has gone away, and the incisions have totally healed. Amy has been going to yoga and, for the first time in years, even an aerobics class. She looks good and feels pretty good, most of the time. So we’re incredibly grateful for all of that.

We are told it will take 12-15 months to know fully how effective the Lipedema treatment will be so we still have plenty of time. Our concern (and the reason why I was holding off on writing this post) is that Amy still has painful nodules in her hip and back. That is unusual, and although the surgeon can’t really make a diagnosis over the phone, she believes they could be fibrosis (scar tissue-like deposits from years of Lipo-lymphedema) or inflammation (ie. arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.). Amy’s physical therapist thinks part of the problem might be muscular.

So we’re exploring all of those possibilities and are deeply grateful for your support, Amy’s progress, God’s provision, answers to prayers, and the continued opportunity to trust in Him each new day.

And as for me? I am working on not trying to write God’s story for our lives in my head. But rather, trust in Him each day, knowing that His grace is sufficient for us. He is faithful, that’s for sure, and whatever future He has for us is better than the one I would come up with anyway.

Rick Mumford