Until recently, Lipedema was not well known and nearly always misdiagnosed. This created both embarrassment and frustration for Amy, as doctors told her for years to just eat less and exercise more! And so she did—eating extremely well and exercising daily. But it had no effect on the Lipedema.

However, as a result of years of over-exercise, combined with limping due to Lipedema, Amy developed Bursitis in her hip joint. Bursitis is a very common condition–inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between moving tissues of the body. So Amy is in physical therapy for that now. The goal is to reduce the pain enough for Amy to sleep at night, travel, etc.

Last week Amy’s physical therapist applied a steroid pain patch to the area, which caused Amy to end up in the ER with Anaphylaxis. Amy’s immune system overreacted to the steroid by releasing chemicals that caused her tongue to swell (among other symptoms). After a few hours she was released, and the Anaphylaxis symptoms were gone by Christmas Day.

It may seem like the medical trauma is just continuing, but to be honest, these minor trials aren’t anything when compared to what we’ve already been through. We are grateful for all the healing that has already taken place.

Rick Mumford