Pisteuo Requires Patience

It was a daring plan. Back in Jesus’ day, a woman on her period wasn’t allowed to touch anyone because it violated religious law. But desperate women do desperate things and Mark 5 tells us about a woman who had been physically sick and socially unacceptable for twelve long years.

That’s a long time to bleed. This poor woman had literally spent all she had on doctor’s bills and prescriptions. Yet instead of getting better she grew worse.

Sound familiar?

Amy wears expensive and uncomfortable compression tights all day every day. She has physical therapy 2X/week, uses her $8,000 flexitouch pump daily, does yoga 5X/week, has lymph drainage massage, exercises at the gym, sits in an infrared sauna, takes supplements and endures an anti-inflammatory shake for lunch. Yet she still has pain in her hips and back due to a build-up of lymph fluid and her arthritis still causes painful flare-ups in her knees and thighs. For Amy it’s frustrating, even embarrassing, to keep going to doctor after doctor after doctor, only to return home with another bill, expensive prescription, little hope and no cure.

Yet despite her twelve years of bleeding and isolation, the woman in Mark 5 remained healthy in one important area: her pisteuo. Her willingness to believe she could be well again. She placed her hope, her trust, her faith in this Man who had “healed many who had various diseases” (Mark 1:34) and made the 30-mile journey to Capernaum without a car, despite her bleeding problem. (Ladies, I’m sure you can imagine the logistics of such a trip before feminine products were invented).

After that journey, I might have been tempted to throw myself in Jesus’ path, begging him to heal me. But this lady just came up quietly behind Him in the crowd and touched His cloak. The Bible tells us that immediately her bleeding stopped; her pisteuo had healed her.

When Jesus wheeled around and asked “Who touched my cloak?!” that same pisteuo gave her the strength to fall at Jesus’ feet and, trembling with fear, tell Him her whole story.

Amy will keep wearing compression garments, drinking those nasty shakes and doing yoga because there is no known cure for Amy apart from Christ. But we are encouraged that He knows Amy’s whole story and we will continue to put our pisteuo in Jesus alone.

When healing comes, it will be Jesus who is pleased to provide it. We will continue to trust Him for life, peace, joy, direction, hope, and salvation. And history tells us that pisteuo in Christ alone is never misplaced.

Rick Mumford