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The world’s leading doctor on Lipedema in Germany has trained a few Americans—one of whom has returned to the US to open a surgical center in Georgia. So Amy and I flew to Atlanta last Thursday to meet with the surgeon. Dr. Byrd is confident she can remove abnormal adipose tissue that swells and has caused Amy so much pain and suffering over the last eight years. Her specialty is removing the pain-causing tissue without damaging the lymph system.

Amy will need five surgeries, in all, and that we can do all of them during three separate 6-day trips to Atlanta this summer.

  • Surgeries #1 & #2 (Georgia): July 6-11

  • Physical Therapy (Kansas): July 12-19

  • Surgeries #3 & #4 (Georgia): July 20-25

  • Physical Therapy (Kansas): July 26-August 4

  • Surgery #5 (Georgia): August 5-10

  • Physical Therapy (Kansas): August 11-18

The cost for all five surgeries is $24,000 and we are hopeful our insurance company will cover 70% (although most American insurance companies deny this claim because the disease is still relatively undiagnosed here). 

Obviously, this is going to be a crazy and challenging summer, but all the research is saying that this is the closest thing to a cure for Lipedema and we are encouraged by the prospect of Amy having her life back! Thank you for your continued prayers.

Rick Mumford