Potentially AWESOME News


Hello praying friends,

Amy and I are flying to Atlanta on Monday (7/6) for Amy’s first surgery. To be honest, we are both excited and a bit anxious about it. It’s a bit disconcerting when the nurse tells Amy to wear clothes and shoes that will definitely get ruined. Uhh … wut? But nothing beats the hope that these surgeries will provide much needed healing and relief from the chronic pain!

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pre-approval for these surgeries was denied by our health insurance company. We appealed that decision and were denied again. And then an outside review board upheld the denial. These denial were based on the fact that the insurance plan (along with its exclusions) were written by someone who knew nothing about Lipedema. This isn’t surprising considering most doctors haven’t even ever heard of Lipedema, let alone know how to treat it. And if the doctors don’t know about Lipedema, how would the health insurance company know?

The issue appears to be a lack of education. So I have a good deal of time and energy educating people in our health insurance company about Lipedema. What it is, what causes it, and what can be done about it. Our friends at Young Life (including my boss, who is supposed to be on sabbatical right now) have been standing firm with us in this.

And as a result, there is going to be a health plan committee meeting in August. They are going to discuss Amy’s case, and during that meeting, a proposal will be made by the senior vice president that the plan document language be altered to to accommodate the surgery Lipedema patients require.

So there are two prayer requests. Both should be fairly obvious:

(a) Please pray for Amy’s surgery at 7:30am this Tuesday morning. Amy will be recovering in Roswell, Georgia for six days, flying back to Kansas City on Saturday evening (7/11).

(b) Please pray that the health plan committee approves the motion to tweak the plan document language to include necessary surgical treatments for Lipedema sufferers, so that 70% of Amy’s $24,000 surgery fees will be covered.

Thank you!

Rick Mumford