Rick Mumford



Glenn Kahler

“It’s been accurately said ‘a man with an opinion is always at the mercy of a man with an experience.’  Rick Mumford is a seasoned, gifted and articulate communicator who speaks not from opinion but experience.  Rick speaks with insight and authority because, in addition to being a continuous and humble learner, Rick has extensive experience in relationships through working with adults and youth for decades.  Rick communicates skillfully and confidently because, frankly, he has done it a bunch and is in regular demand, equally effective regardless the size of the group.  I’ve personally watched Rick communicate compellingly to a room full of business men and women as well as grab and hold the attention of 300 middle school kids, both with equal effectiveness through his flexible, humorous and accessible style of speaking.”

— Glenn kahler, Lead Pastor at the Gathering Network

Dr. Chap Clark

“Rick's messages have a lifelong impact on kids because he speaks from his heart, experience, and from years of living out a deep authentic faith in Christ. Rick has much to offer not only to teens and youthworkers, but to the Church as a whole.”

— Dr. Chap Clark, Professor of Youth, Family and Culture at Fuller Seminary

Markella Kyprios

“I have found few people who can provide the loving affirmation, answers, and encouragement that strengthen my faith as well as Rick Mumford. A few years ago at youth camp he was the speaker and I was blown away by how clearly I heard the Lord’s words through him. Rick is one of the largest factors of my growing faith and essentially introduced me to the most important relationship of my life: my relationship with Jesus."

— Markella Kyprios, Student

Justin Jenkins

“As a leader and teacher, Rick Mumford brings both insight and application to God’s Word. I have benefitted personally and our church has been impacted deeply by his ministry. His communication of scripture is clear, compelling and makes me want to draw closer to Jesus.”

— Justin Jenkins, Pastor at Velocity Church

Brett Hersma

“Rick Mumford is a gifted communicator.  He has spent his adult life immersed in the world of adolescents and understands how to walk alongside them with the words of Life.  His heart for the gospel serves as his anchor.”

— Brett Hersma, Young Life Senior Vice President